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Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

Our public liability insurance (PLI) also includes cover for any legal costs associated with defending claims against the business. This type of insurance covers any awards of damages given to a member of the public because of an injury or damage to their property caused by you or your business. If their personal injury compensation claim is successful, you may also face a claim from the NHS for the costs of hospital treatment (including ambulance costs).

Premiums will depend on the type of work undertaken.

We only charge you for the cover you select – we will not charge you for cover you do not need.

Limit of Indemnity

The minimum limit is £5m and is a condition of the scheme.
Compensation can be significant amounts of money. You might have to sell your house and anything else of value if the claim is large. If you do have lots of spare money that you don’t mind parting with then you can ignore this.

Should one of your customers suffer an injury, as long as you have PLI in place the process is simple.

  • The injured party (plaintiff) makes a claim against you (for their injury)
  • You pass the claim on to your insurance brokers
  • You provide the insurers with any information asked for
  • The insurance company deals with the legal complexities
  • If the claim is found against you (you lose) the insurance company pays the compensation / damages / legal costs
  • If the claim is found for you (you win) the insurance company collects the legal costs from the plaintiff

Without PLI the process is not quite so straightforward.

  • A claim is made
  • You find a solicitor
  • You provide the solicitor with any information they ask for
  • You pay the solicitors costs
  • When the claim goes to court, if you lose you pay compensation / damages and legal costs
  • When the claim goes to court, if you lose you pay compensation / damages and legal costs

Employers Liability

We can also arrange Employers Liability (Combined with Public Liability) Employers Liability Insurance is required by law once one employee is taken on. The prescribed legal minimum is currently £10m of cover against bodily injury, illness or disease sustained in the course of employment. The subsequent huge increase in litigation, the emergence of ‘ambulance chasers’ encouraging the ‘someone must pay’ culture, record-breaking court awards and a whole raft of new liabilities undreamed of when the legislation was drafted have all added to industry losses.

Employers Liability insurance became a legal requirement in 1972 as a direct result of the 1969 Employers Liability Act. As a result, employers liability cover has become increasingly expensive and, in some cases, impossible to obtain.

As a result of increasing payouts for high-risk sectors many insurers have stopped offering employers liability cover to entire trade sectors, tarring many companies with the same brush

Good risk management is the key to continued insurance and low premiums.

Companies need to do more to reduce the risks inherent in their businesses by ensuring they have, hazard and risk management systems and a claims history to identify significant patterns.

Companies that are unable to obtain employers liability face two stark options. Either carrying on trading illegally without insurance or close down.

  • Quotations are available subject to the satisfactory completion of a proposal
  • Cover will be confirmed promptly upon written instructions

It does not cover you for any claims made against the business for negligent advice. For this cover, you will need a separate professional indemnity policy. This is often called professional liability insurance. You will need to contact Bond Insurance Services Ltd for a quote.

For further information on our Railway industry services please contact us on 01707 291200.

Bond Insurance Services General ServicesBond Insurance Services Ltd fully recognise the need to be available for our clients as your insurance needs are important to us, as they are to you, therefore we respond to requests for assistance rapidly.

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