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Public and (Employer’s) Liability Insurance Summary of Cover

Bond Insurance Service Ltd Public and Employers’ Liability Insurance underwritten by QBE (PL & EL) is tailored to provide your business with the protection required to meet your statutory obligations.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance will indemnify you for your legal liability for injury or death to third parties and damage to third party property as a result of negligent acts by you other than employees. The insurance will also cover third party costs and expenses.

Liability Insurance

Employers’ Liability Insurance – will indemnify you for your legal liability for injury or death to employees, including claimant’s costs and expenses.

Employers’ Liability Insurance is compulsory for any business that has one or more employees whether they are permanent, part time or temporary. The only exception to this is if you are an ‘Ltd’ Company and you are the only employee and you own at least 50% of the issued share capital of the company. In this respect you are exempt from the need to purchase Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Product Liability – creates a strict liability for damage caused by defective products. Damage is defined as death or personal injury or any loss of or damage to any property including land.

Pollution Liability – contractors face many pollution risks stemming from operations at their job sites. These include contaminated soil disposal and the accidental release of fuel oil, chemicals and toxic gases from broken pipeline, utilities and stationary and mobile fuel tanks.

Summary of Cover

Limit of indemnity £5,000,000. (Aggregate) includes Product and Pollution
Sub limit of £1,000.000 for Legionella (anyone claim and in the aggregate)
Covers legal liability for injury or death to third parties and damage to third party property.

  • Extensions and Additional Benefits to the Public Liability cover include:
  • Cross liabilities
  • Legal costs and expenses at any coroners inquest or in any court of summary jurisdiction
  • Defective Premises Act liability
  • Legal defence costs for Health & Safety at Work etc. Act and Consumer Protection Act
  • Contractual liability
  • Mechanical Plant as a Tool of Trade
  • Indemnity to Principal
  • Principal Exclusions / Conditions

Below are some of the key exclusions/conditions. Please see the Policy Wording for full explanation of all exclusions and conditions/precautions.


  • Demolition, except demolition solely undertaken with hand held tools and of structures not exceeding 5 metres in height by Employees in the direct service of the Insured, when such work forms an ancillary part of a contract for construction alteration or repair carried out by the Insured.
  • The construction, alteration or repair of tower steeples, chimney shafts, blast furnaces, viaducts or mines.
  • Pile driving or quarrying.The use of explosives for any purpose
  • Excavations below 5 metres in depth.Work carried out at a height in excess of 15 metres
  • Excess £2500.00 (each and every loss including costs and expenses)
  • Please Note:This summary only provides brief details. For precise cover, conditions / precautions, exclusions and more information, please refer to the policy document.Should this insurance not be suitable for you, please contact Bond Insurance Services Ltd.
    Employers’ Liability Legal liability for injury or death to employees including claimant’s costs and expenses with a limit of liability of £10,000,000.

    Extensions and Additional Benefits to the Employers’ Liability cover include:

  • Legal defence costs for Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
  • Indemnity to Principal:
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