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Enter the Bond Insurance Railway Scheme by choosing the category appropriate to you.

Category 1

  • Office workers
  • Planners
  • Technical authors

Category 2

  • Depot based
  • Engineering staff
  • Maintenance managers
  • Site director of movements

Category 3

  • Depot based
  • Full time shop floor modifications
  • Maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Plant maintenance
  • Station refurbishment
  • Depot base cleaner
  • Test & commission engineers

Category 4

  • Track maintenance at night under protection

Category 5

  • Trackside signalling
  • Vegitation removal
  • Track maintenance (running hours)
  • Call out engineers

Category 6

  • Other. Please specify (refer to Bond Insurance Services)

You must submit the fully completed, dated and signed proposal document to Bond Insurance Services Ltd.

Please note: once the fully completed proposal document has been received at Bond Insurance Services Ltd, cover will be confirmed and a full policy schedule will be sent to the address as specified on the proposal document.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01707 291200.

Bond Insurance Services General ServicesBond Insurance Services Ltd fully recognise the need to be available for our clients as your insurance needs are important to us, as they are to you, therefore we respond to requests for assistance rapidly.

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